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We are offering many courses from script-to-screen in film making.

Diploma In Film Making

This program focuses in providing students with a market-ready career course, where they can get job in a year. It contains major softwares that are essential in production now a days.

Ad.Diploma In Film Making

This course consists a complete learning process of script to screen in Animation film making. It focuses in all the major technical aspects and softwares from basics to advance level.

About Us

What started with a dream, was executed by brain and brawls to form the Yasashwi film school

Yashaswi Film School is Odisha’s first full fledged film school founded by actor and visionary Udayan Aparajeet, to provide ‘Script-to-Screen’ training in film making.

Yashaswi Film School is a unit of “Unplugged Dreams Trust” (a non-profit organization) dedicated to the education of filmmakers from Odisha and the rest of the country. It aims to be the leading conservatoire of filmmaking in Odisha. YFS offers Diploma, Specialization and part-time workshops programmes focused on aesthetic achievement, craft excellence, creative collaboration and artistic freedom. It acts as a centre of inspiration for students and working filmmakers, fostering professional development, innovation, research and scholarship across all practical areas of film.


We maintain the highest grade of teaching in all our featured courses


This program starts with Fundamentals of Art and Design, Digital Painting and Digital 3D Animation.

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The program begins with Fundamentals of Film Making, editnig, 3D Animation and Computer Graphics.

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